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A Lilly Grown by Alexis

On Tuesday Alexis picked her very first Lilly from her personal flower garden. She choose the flowers, she planted them, she has been caring for them (right now she is outside weeding the garden.) It was very exciting to see her first bloom!

When I asked her what she did with it, she said she gave it to a little girl. I guess she met her goal. (She said she wanted to grow flowers to give to people.) I hope she will have many lovely flowers to share all summer!



Shared by Tami Potter on May 24, 2012
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Growing to give away, precious. What an impression that will make on the other little girl! really pretty bloom, mine are just beginning to show signs of buds forming...maybe next week!
Posted By: Andrea Fisher  |  May 24, 2012 at 8:18 pm   

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