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Privacy Policy


Journella Privacy Policy


Journella’s Privacy Policy has been created to assure our users that their information will not be mishandled and they can be confident that their privacy will be protected. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy please send us an email at


  1. Privacy Settings.

Journella has three general setting for allowing others to view your content:

Public. Journella allows you to make certain information publicly available. This information may be accessed by anyone who has a link to the related URL and will be searchable from within the Journella website as well as 3rd party search engines, such as Google.

Limited. Journella may also allows you to share content with a predefined group of people. You must designate exactly which people or groups you are granting access to your content. Any person or group not explicitly granted access will be unable to see that content.

Private. Finally, Journella allows you to designate content as private. Under this setting only your account may access the content you provide and the existence of the content will not be revealed in a search. Content you add to your "My Journella" section is private by default.  These items are not visible by the public unless you share them on an item by item basis.


  1. Setting permissions.

For users who allow other users to access their content they may also give other users permission to edit that content. When adding users or groups of users the content owner may designate whether the added users will only be allowed to view the content, or if they can view, edit, add, and delete content.


  1. Changing privacy settings.

Your privacy settings and permissions may be changed by you at any time.


  1. How we use your information.

Journella will never sell, give away, or otherwise distribute your personally identifying information to 3rd parties.

Journella will collect and store the information you provide and associate it to the account you have created. The information and content you provide as well as information regarding your account activity may be used to improve our services.

The information you provide may also be used to target advertising to your particular interests. Advertisers will not have special access to your content or personal information and any targeted advertising will be done anonymously.

In the regular course of business your information may be accessed by Journella employees. These employees are subject to this Privacy Policy and are part of our team which is committed to ensuring the privacy of our users.


  1. Security.

Journella takes the upmost precaution in ensuring that your account and its related content are not subject to unauthorized access. We take all reasonable security measure to ensure that your private information remains private. We are engaged in the continual process of ensuring our security systems and procedures are up to date and provide the best protection for our users.

However, no computer network is impervious to attack and the potential seizure of confidential information. Should, despite our best efforts, your personal information be seized by the unauthorized access of our computer systems we will promptly notify you of the seizure.


  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy.

Journella may, from time to time, change the contents of its Privacy Policy. All account holders will be given prior notification of any intended changes to the Privacy Policy. Journella will not change how it uses your personal information without your express consent.