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The Journella Story

How this Free Online Journaling System Began

It all began with a summer drive in our little Honda Civic. Kevin and I were discussing the desire for a "new direction." (It seems most of our best ideas come while we are driving.)


It wasn't the first time we'd had "this" conversation. Neither Kevin nor I were expecting this seemingly unimportant chat to be a catalyst for change; however, the tides suddenly turned when Kevin made a comment that sparked a flow of inspiration in my mind. Ideas ran through my head like wild fire. I began rambling with excitement and within minutes I had a visual solution staged in my head.


I scribbled the main idea onto a napkin I found in the car. I wasn't about to let this idea slip away. I couldn't wait to start sketching my plans on paper. I was immediately driven to make this new vision a reality.


Over the next few months I began sketching "screens" and making feature lists, knowing there is only one thing you can be sure of when creating a new product or starting a new business... There are going to be challenges.


Kevin and I spent numerous hours discussing the amazing possibilities. However, while I envisioned a grand design, Kevin focused on the challenges. We knew we needed additional talent to pull this project together. I didn't know exactly where to begin, but, I was determined; so, I began a search. It didn't take long before I realized I was placing a "tall order" and it was going to take a few miracles to turn this dream into a reality.


Thankfully, I believe in miracles.


In November of 2009 I shared my "vision" with someone I trusted to keep it confidential. I was pleased when she seemed as excited about it as I was. That evening she asked me to share my idea with her husband. After my explanation, and some obvious interest from him, I was pleasantly surprised when she indicated that they wanted to join the adventure.


Over the next few months a partnership developed and the creation of Journella began. We feel blessed to have such a great team. Each partner brings their own unique talents and experiences to Journella and helps the adventure to continue.


Thank you for joining us,


Tami Potter

Journella designer