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Why Journella is a memory preservation web application that allows users to create, collect, organize, and share memories of all kinds.  It takes a new approach to personal journaling - using what you are already creating with other online journaling and social media sites ike Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  Best of all, it's a FREE online diary!

Why Use Journella - the FREE online diary?

"Memory don't fail me now!"


No matter how much we plead, memories fade. Once upon a time there was a solution to memory loss. Our parents and grandparents saved handwritten letters, documents, and journals. These items helped them to retain their personal history.

Times have changed. Digital forms of communication have taken the place of handwritten notes. We e-mail, we text, we post updates to friends on social sites like facebook and twitter.


Digital communication is great. It is fast. It is convenient. But, what happens when we hit "delete"? Are these new paperless communications turning us into the "lost" generation? What will we do in 20 years when we want to remember how we got our first job, conversations with our friends, or how it felt to fall in love? is dedicated to the preservation of your personal history. In addition to keeping a well organized journal, we currently offer the ability to save and organize your Facebook updates, Twitter updates, and RSS feeds (personal blogs.)


Journella™ is in it's first Beta phase and in a process of continued development. We will proceed to add additional features to make memory preservation even more convenient in the coming months. 

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Thank you for your support!

The Journella™ Team