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Christmas Day Memories

It is always fun to come across old photos, especially the ones that bring to mind a wealth of memories.

It was a Christmas Day in Portland when the above photo was taken.

  • My brothers are playing a hockey game my parents purchased as a family gift for Christmas. We had a lot of fun with that over the years.
  • I (girl on left side) am wearing a dress that I absolutely loved and wouldn't give up. The problem is, by the time I am wearing it here, it is so short that I am wearing it as a shirt and the long sleeves are now half sleeves.
  • In the background you can see so many things like the green curtains my mom made - gotta love 70's and that brown pompon trim!
  • There is a big red felt boot on the shelf. My mom made the boots to fit over cans. We used these instead of stockings. (The big gallon can was Mom & Dad's - the kids boots were soup can sized.)
  • The thing hanging from the ceiling - an example of macrame plant holder - popular in the 70's.
  • There is a great big picture window in the room - I have so many fun memories about that window and how we would decorate it for the holidays (If you could look very close you'd see the backward letters "NOEL."
  • On that same Christmas Day my mom received a large Viking Ship as a gift. She also received some black Spanish style lamps and an elephant plant stand. (I am not going to say she would have chosen these items for herself - but, they were decorative elements in our home for MANY years beyond 1974. (So, you can conclude that she obviously loved her children!)

    Shared by Tami Potter on April 20, 2012 | Memory Date: December 25, 1974
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    Ah yes, the macrame - every home had to have some somewhere! Your story about the dress reminds me of my college days. I had gone to visit a friend at another school, and we decided to stay over until Sunday. I didn't have anything to wear to church. My friend was a VERY short girl - under 5 feet and I was at the time about 5'11". She had some dresses I could wear, but they were REALLY short on me - I ended up wearing one as a tunic that matched some pants that I had brought with me! Wonder if she remembers that? I'll have to ask her!
    Posted By: Nancy Sanders  |  April 22, 2012 at 8:42 pm   
    Ah yes, Christmas memories...and the unique gifts kids gave their parents...that is timeless! I'm surprised your dress didn't get a generous layer of ruffle added to lengthen nice to have a photo of such a favorite dress!
    Posted By: Andrea Fisher  |  April 21, 2012 at 3:16 am   

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