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The Banyan Tree

Way back in the year 2000, my mom and I made our first trip to Hawaii.  When we were on the island of Maui, we went to a park and I fell in love with the Banyan tree!  So, when my husband and I went to Hawaii in January, I insisted we go to see the tree (ok, it really didn't take much convincing!). 

When this challenge was presented, to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I thought of that tree right away.  It is one of MY Wonderlands, and just the way it grows is a bit of "impossibility".   I turned it into a three page layout this time, as I wanted to include the quotes I liked and a photo I had enlarged to 8x10.  But, I wanted to include the other photos as well!  Here is the "cover" page:


The second page has the story of the tree (from the sign).  The middle part of the large photo is the original tree.  The rest of the trunks you see are actually formed when those roots growing down reach the ground!!  IMPOSSIBLE!  (OR NOT!)  Here is a close up of the writing on the sign.  If you are unable to read it, this is what it says in part: "Shading almost an acre of the park and reaching upward to a height of 60 feet, this banyan tree is the largest in the United States. The tree has spread over the area by way of its aerial roots, which grow into thick trunks when the reach the ground....There are 16 major trunks in addition to the original trunk in the center."  The tree was planted in 1873, so is over 140 years old!

Here is a photo of more of the park before I cut it up on the bottom of page 3:

Here is the full 2 page layout (pages 2 and 3):

...and each page individually:

Note: there are 13 photos on these two pages!! 

I used the new Steel Blue color grid paper, and pewter tiles to mount the uncut photos, as well as one white tile to mount the picture of the sign.  Not a lot of embellishment, as I really wanted the photos and the mosaic system to be showcased.  Enjoy MY Wonderland!



Shared by Lori Hanson on July 7, 2014 | Memory Date: July 7, 2014
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