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A hunting I did go...

Our first challenge for April was a spring scavenger hunt.  We have all been hunting for spring after such a long hard winter!  It was hard to find everything on the list, even though we could use new or old photos.  I persevered and made my a game plan to tackle the list.  Since I live in an apartment I don't have my own yard to find things, so I relied on my moms yard, I took pictures of other peoples yards (by pulling the car over and snapping a picture), and I went to my local garden center to snap some shots as well.  The list on page one is my original list that I wrote out and carried in my camera case that I took with me everywhere in hopes of finding an item on the list!


I did find 23 out of 25 items and #9 and #10 had and either or, but I found both.  #2 I knew right away I wanted a picture of forsythia because it is my favorite yellow thing in spring.  My journaling piece talks about by quest for #23 reflections in a puddle.  Never thought to take this type of picture before, but now I have become a little obsessed with check all the puddles and seeing what I can see.  This picture was taken of outdoor patio furniture seen in the puddle on the concrete patio.  #7 I took the day after receiving the list, I knew we had a tree outside our apartment that had just started to bud and that day we also got another round of snow and I thought how cool the new buds and the snow on the branches!  #13 was a bunny, I found these guys hanging out on the shelf at the store.  The real bunnies I was trying to get just wouldn't come out from under my mothers shed when I was around.  #12 was fun to get. I was picking my mother up and when she came outside she noticed the door on my car was open, but where was I, on the ground in her front yard getting a picture of dew on the grass.

We were asked to include torn paper (my list), and also small labels.  I printed out numbers on cardstock and then used my 1/4" hole punch to punch out the numbers and attach them to the pictures with mini glue dots.  And just to add alittle more "spring color" I filled in the gaps on page 2 with 1" squares in bright colors, on Mosaic Moments Spring Green Grid paper.



I hope you enjoyed the hunt.  Makes me feel warmer just looking at them.







Shared by Melissa Fulgham on April 8, 2014 | Memory Date: April 7, 2014
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