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Blue Snow!

For our 2nd design team challenge we were asked to take inspiration from Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Snow Queen'.  At first I thought, oooh snow pictures!  Then I remembered that I live in Delaware.  We don't get a lot of snow here.  But, mother nature was good to me and on the 4th of January we got at least 4". 

 After taking pictures of the boys outside, I was really excited to capture the blue shadow being cast by the pine trees.  It made it easy for me to put my page together.  I used white Mosaic paper as my base and then used a pack of blue Mosaic paper tiles.  I debated about adding embellishments, but after laying on numerous different ones, I felt that they took away from the blue light and shadow that I had captured on film.


I used Layout #94 and #65 from the page patterns on Tami's blog.  In the center of the one page I broke apart one of the mini snowflake cornerstones and traded out the paper they came with for the blue I was using.  In the other squares I used liquid applique to draw the 2014. 

My journaling:   January 4, 2014 We had our first snow day of the year. It was so cold outside that day with a wind chill of 4*.  But the boys wanted to play.  We have pine trees behind our apartment that are over 3 stories tall.  I really loved the way the sun light behind the trees cast  blue shadow.

What a great time they had!


Shared by Melissa Fulgham on January 22, 2014 | Memory Date: January 21, 2014
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