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Challenge # 15-2013 MMDT Featured Grid: Sandstone

Challenge #15

August’s Featured Grid: Sandstone

Pattern #59 

Theme: our choice…my choice: Kidron on auction day.

Design Requirement: Double page panoramic

Paper Tiles used: Pear Crush, Deep Spring Green, Orchid, Icy Indigo, and White

Font: Cut with Cricut George

Sharpie Markers and Micron 02 for ‘stitching’ on ‘quilt pattern’.



Looking over the challenges for August I decided to approach both together. The spot I had in mind for my panoramic shot would take me through the heart of Ohio’s Amish country and I took photos with both challenges in mind. Consider this part one! The panoramic I went for would be more striking in the fall, there was just so much green, so a slight change of plans for the panoramic!

There are four Mennonite churches within 5 minutes of my home and the area considered Ohio’s Amish Country is only a short drive away. Close enough that we shop regularly down here as the bulk food stores meet many of our baking needs. Tourists flock to this area yearlong, but because we come and go it is often overlooked as being a unique area worth exploring. Let me take you through one town nearby, Kidron, in my photos.

I chose to take this drive on a Thursday to hopefully catch a lot of unique photos at the weekly Kidron Auction. The weather was the hottest most humid to date, 93* in the early morning. As I approached town I began to think of the smell of all those animals in one place in this heat…however upon arrival I didn’t find the usual overcrowded hustle and bustle of auction day, but still was able to catch some of the shots I hoped for and a few I didn’t even consider.  I had my list of ideas to keep me on task and took advantage of the unexpected.




My panoramic photo shows a spot under the pines where a large group of buggies were “parked” as their owners were in shopping at the market, at the auction or kibitzing with their friends.  This was one of those hoped for shots…but getting it without getting some of the Amish men in the photos was a bit of a challenge. 

Next is Lehman’s. This store is renowned for its supplies that don’t rely on the necessity of electricity. It has catered to the Amish community for many years, and rose in profile nationwide during the buildup to Y2K when all sorts of dire things were predicted to happen. People wanted to survive and Lehman’s had the supplies. This new face to the frontage of the store resembles the false fronts of the western prairie stores and masks the true size of the building. I liked the corner clock, the old tin awning, vintage poster signage and the old filler station with the Chevy truck at the pump…the total sale was $2.89 for ten gallons and three quarts of gas! That I liked the best!!

I’ve included one of the farms out on the Kidron Rd.

A photo that shows small portion of one of the quilts up for auction at the Mennonite Relief Auction this weekend is at the bottom of page one, below the title. 

My title block was inspired by the colors of the Alabama Star Quilt   below it. I began with a large white Paper Tile to cover the 4-3/8”x 6-5/8” space in the pattern. It took a little bit of fiddling to decide on a design. I needed to have a way to get all my squares in the proper place and still occupy the pattern shape. Taking the white tile I laid it over the photo of Lehman’s and began to hand emboss to get the area between  the squares to leave an impression on the white tile. This made it easier to place the paper quilt pieces in the proper place and to use a Micron 02 permanent marker to draw stitches on the open white area. The letters for the title were cut with a Cricut using the George font.  


Lining up over the photo, rubbing the impression into the paper...

More definition achieved with a bone folder or scorer....

lining the pairs of squares and cutting....

deciding on a border or squares.

To get the tiles to fit together well I took two tiles Icy Indigo and Orchid and laid them on top of each other with just a dab of “dotto”  glue dots  to hold them in place and then on the bottom to keep them in place on the mat. Then lining up several in a row cut corner to corner. If you take the top Orchid triangle and pair it with the bottom Icy Indigo you get triangles that should fit together nicely.  




On this side the buggies continue across the top.   My center photo is a field where sheaves of harvested winter wheat are stacked to dry.  A few of the horses tethered to a hitching rail at the auction are included in the bottom photo. The large photo to the right was one of those photo moments I’d hoped for but was surprised when I actually got it! As is often the case when traveling the roads in this area you have to wait behind a buggy or in this case a wagon for a good time to pass. I was one of many cars awaiting an opportunity to pass. Uphill and around a bend was not ideal, so as I held back I pulled out the camera and took a few shots of the grandfather and boys on their way home from market.  The bottom right block includes another one of the quilts up for auction, Raspberry Truffle  .

These are a few of the sights you can expect to find in Kidron, and several rural towns in Wayne and Holmes County. This is my Ohio.


Next challenge I'll show you a closer look...see you then!

Thanks so very much for stopping by, your comments and cheers are so appreciated,



Shared by Andrea Fisher on August 2, 2013 | Memory Date: August 2, 2013
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Story Cheered By:
Andrea, what more can I say...Beautiful!! I just got back from a short trip to Arthur, Arcolla and Mattoon, Illinois where Amish and Mennonites live. I hope to have some good shots. Great quilt pattern and love the colors.
Posted By: Julie Oconnor  |  August 10, 2013 at 6:08 pm   
You always go over the top - I love how you duplicated the colors of the quilt in your title block. And all those buggies! Wow! What a sight! And I bet you do get some wonderful stuff from the market.
Posted By: Nancy Sanders  |  August 6, 2013 at 4:03 pm   
Andrea, I love your panoramic shots. It is awesome. I love the design you made with the 1" squares. You are so gifted in this scrapbooking thing especially mosaics! Great job!
Posted By: Shannon Nixson  |  August 5, 2013 at 10:42 pm   
Wonderful job, Andrea! I love the buggies all lined up, the winter wheat, and especially love the quilt blocks and title. Just beautiful. I love the tutorial, and am excited to try that! And, as a quilt lover, I love the photos of the quilts on the bottom corners. A bit of friend called me while I was looking at this. We are going to a scrapbooking weekend in early Sept and she was calling to ask it we could go a little early to stop by the Amish stores and such in that area! OF course I'll be taking pictures! Anyway, Fabulous job as always! :)
Posted By: Lori Hanson  |  August 5, 2013 at 8:29 pm   
Love, love, love! Thanks for sharing that quilted block ... I may have to try that one of these days! And someday, I would love to visit and take a trip there. I can't wait to shop in that store.
Posted By: Candy Spiegel  |  August 4, 2013 at 11:14 pm   
Andrea - I love the embellishment of the quilted tiles to represent the quilt and the panoramic view of the buggies is so beautiful. There is something so sweet about watching a group of people leaving and taking the shot from behind. The photo with the boys and their grandfather says to much about life in Amish country. This is really beautiful.
Posted By: Dale Hill  |  August 4, 2013 at 6:36 pm   
WOO HOO!!!! Thanks, Tami!!!
Posted By: Heather Cartland  |  August 3, 2013 at 10:34 pm   
Just for you Heather...check out the new cheer! :)
Posted By: Tami Potter  |  August 3, 2013 at 2:19 pm   
I think Tami needs to add a cheer that says "Made me smile!" I love this layout. You always do such a great job, and the quilted title is awesome! The photos you chose, though, are what brought a smile to my face. Having grown up in NJ, I have made frequent trips to Lancaster, PA, to visit Amish country. I loved the food and seeing all the buggies, and your layout brought those memories back! I love the colors and the photo of the buggy going down the road with its haul is my favorite. Great job, as always!
Posted By: Heather Cartland  |  August 3, 2013 at 2:16 pm   
One of the things I most enjoy about panoramic designs are ability to really show off a great scene - and you had such an exceptional scene to display! Love the images of all the buggies! The shot of the man with the two boys in their hats is picture perfect, the horses, the hay... okay I just love it all. I can see where the rows of hay could have made a really great panoramic as well. Very nice job with the quilted title too.
Posted By: Tami Potter  |  August 2, 2013 at 9:57 pm   

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