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2012 MMDT September Photo Challenge #1


The days have flown by since our last Challenge. When I first began to consider Tami's Challenge to "Be a Squirrel" and share a collection, something we have gathered or saved, I was stumped. Libby has a great collection of la-de-da shoes, but that's not mine! I thought of the variety of nativity sets I have collected over the years, but the very thought of going down to the sheds and digging out all the boxes was exhausting! I'm not ready for Christmas just yet!! The kids said..."what about your sheep?"  Well visions of revealing myself as a "Barbara Jean" (from the show "Reba" who had an extensive Beanie Babies collection)...well...just didn't want to go there. As I gave it additional thought though I realized "my sheep" are more than a few stuffed sheep. So that is what I have tried to bring to these pages are a few representations of "My Flock".

I've collected art work, sculptures, primitive crafts, fabrics, coasters, and books...lots of books. I've included rubber stamps and some of the many cards I can make with them, I even have a ceramic sheep for holding tea lights that was a birthday gift one year.  My son, David designed a heart shaped sheep that he's finished on both sides, for two different sheep.  Then there is all the wool I have, not quite a sheep but a byproduct so I used scanned images of swatches I did in a few of my favorite colors. I've cut them to use as fill spots to bring color and texture to the layout.  And I managed to get one of my many photos of the sheep from my travels included, they are a favorite subject when travelling as there are so  many different breeds...

The trouble with people knowing you "collect" something is that they happily try to add to your collection...but some are just not to my liking, so I often rotate what is out. 


I’m not sure when my interest with sheep began…was it the comforting words of the 23rd Psalm…"the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want"…where I realized I was a sheep with a Shepherd who would keep me safe…or the verse that says we all like sheep have gone astray…where I recognized my wandering tendencies, too?  I can’t really say…but when I found out the farm that my family had run in the early to mid-1800’s was a sheep farm it somehow made sense to me! 

 I began with the MM page pattern # 3


and then made a few adjustments to suit the photos I was using. The free download Lined Journal Blocks were perfect for both journal blocks. The title base is Aqua Core’dinations cardstock embossed with Cuttlebug’s Argyle folder and sanded a bit around the edge. Then white embossed D’Vine Swirls folder by Cuttlebug and the edges are rounded. The letters are from a set of letters from My Mind’s Eye.

Well, I hope this revealing side of the Design Team Members in this Challenge will bring a few smiles...perhaps you will think about the things you collect too and put together a page...and share them here with us!!


Thanks for stopping by and spending a few moments taking a look!


Shared by Andrea Fisher on September 3, 2012 | Memory Date: September 3, 2012
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No, I don't count sheep, Linda, I'd loose count and it would keep me up getting more annoyed trying to keep track...I try to take the advice of Bing Crosby in White Christmas and "count my blessings, instead of sheep"....far more enjoyable, and pleasant to drift off to sleep thinking about!! ;)
Posted By: Andrea Fisher  |  September 14, 2012 at 8:02 pm   
Too cute! I second all the comments. I forgot that I have a whole drawer full of chicken stamps. I was wondering if you count sheep when you're trying to get to sleep? Great job once again!
Posted By: Linda Holmes  |  September 13, 2012 at 6:19 am   
Great page showing off your collection of sheep! Love how you even included your sheep rubber stamps!
Posted By: Beth Glass  |  September 8, 2012 at 10:38 pm   
Actually, I have several albums dedicated to painted "art projects" that were around our town; first were the Manatees, then the Jaguars, then the Turtles. I have whole albums dedicated to the search for where they were displayed. I also have one of the painted billy goats in Hendersonville, was the Turtle album that started the collection, although I have a few miniatures of the Manatees, Jaguars, Billy Goats, as well as the Turtles. YES! I guess I should think about a layout or two of my collections. Thanks for the idea!!!
Posted By: Barbara London  |  September 8, 2012 at 5:23 pm   
Thanks for stopping by Barbara. It is funny how some collections begin! Sounds like it's worthy of a layout or two!
Posted By: Andrea Fisher  |  September 8, 2012 at 4:12 pm   
I loved your story of your Flock! I haven't been getting into the challenges - lots of "challenges" and projects where I live...but I also have collections. First there are my miniatures in several shadow boxes and on shelves. I used them for a couple of the projects I've done lately. Then there are my TURTLES. That comes from a joke at several scrapbooking retreats I attended; every time anyone asked what I was working on - it was "my turtle album"...well, it is ALMOST finished! Anyway, it started me collecting turtles, especially when we moved and I was decorating a craft room!
Posted By: Barbara London  |  September 8, 2012 at 3:31 pm   
What a cute idea to use the knitting as fill-ins! Love it - and how could you not think of this collection - it's great!
Posted By: Nancy Sanders  |  September 4, 2012 at 10:38 pm   
I love your shelf with the photos and the sheep for each of your children. I think my favorite part of your pages are the little crochet/knitted yarn photos you "sprinkled" in - and the paper behind "my flock" title is just perfect! :)
Posted By: Tami Potter  |  September 4, 2012 at 2:16 pm   

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